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Just Spring Integration

Mar 30, 2012 - O'Reilly Media, Inc. Just Spring Integration, the image of a ..... points in action, here's an example of declaring a Service...


Struts 2 in Action

ered using Spring's MVC framework, but something made me go with Struts 2. I prob- .... If you've picked up this book, we suspect you're...


Spring Integration in Action

9 Spring Integration and the Java Message Service 155. 9.1 The relationship ... 9.3 Asynchronous JMS message reception with Spring 163. Why go ...... projects,...


Beginning Spring Framework 2

Beginning. Spring Framework 2. Thomas Van de Velde, Bruce Snyder,. Christian Dupuis, Sing Li,. Anne Horton, and Naveen Balani. Wiley Publishing, Inc....