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Data Science for Dummies

Getting on a First Name Basis with Some Useful Python. Libraries . .... Chapter 19: Delving into Environmental Data Science . . . . ....


Python Programming on Win32

This chapter shows how to connect to databases from Python and illustrates how ... This chapter presents Python's facilities for working with processes and files, ......


Python Testing with Pytest

and you'll learn how to use assert effectively in your tests. You'll also learn ... In Chapter 4, Builtin Fixtures, on page 71, you will...


Algorithms in a Nutshell, 2E

sure that we retained all the good qualities of the first edition, published in ... Rather than reimplement existing algorithms in Python, we intentionally used...


XML Bible, 2nd Edition

May 3, 2001 - XML. Bible. Author of Java Network Programming. Now updated! Covers XML ..... Be sure to include the title of this book...