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Java 9 with JShell

This book will allow you to develop high-quality reusable object-oriented code in Java 9 with JShell. You will learn the object-oriented programming principles....


Practical Network Automation

He has authored Python Network Programming Cookbook - Second Edition ..... Now, as we start working upon our practical approach to automation, we need to....


Mastering AWS Security

Use the best practices mentioned in this book to master security in your ..... order to master AWS Security, it is imperative for us to...


Mastering Tableau 2019.1

Chapter 11: Visualization Best Practices and Dashboard Design. 328 ..... Chapter 10, Tableau for Presentations, shows how the user can use Tableau for ......


Pratical DevOps

Chapter 1: Introduction to DevOps and Continuous Delivery. 1. Introducing .... Chapter 9, Issue Tracking, looks at systems used to handle development workflows ... or...