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jQuery Cookbook

Before you really get started with jQuery, I suggest visiting the documentation online and simply digesting how the API is organized. By understanding how the ......


Learning WordPress REST API

He works with PHP, JavaScript, and offers custom-coded WordPress themes and ... contributes to projects such as WP-API, WP Customize Component, ...... It gets easier...


ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook

ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook. Over 60 practical recipes for integrating jQuery .... Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF ......


jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide

There are three pieces to most examples of jQuery usage—the HTML ...... Parameters (fifth version) ...... found in Appendix C of the book Learning jQuery...


JSON at Work

a chapter or two on the topic in a JavaScript or RESTful Web Services book. ... Chapter 2, JSON in JavaScript, shows how to use...