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Cloud Design Patterns

This guide from the Microsoft patterns & practices group, produced with the help of ... deployment, maintainability to simplify administration and development, and ..... A...


Design Patterns in Java

Aug 3, 2008 - Design Patterns Java™ Workbook; Steven John Metsker .NET Patterns: ..... hand, these patterns are near the top of the list. The...


Design Patterns Swift

This is a book for hands-on professional programmers. I focus on the ... important design patterns and demonstrate how they can be applied to iOS...


Mastering Python Design Patterns

existing design patterns. A second misunderstanding is that design patterns ...... (donut['ppu. '])) [print('top ping: {}. {}'.format( t['id'], t['type'])) for t in donut['topp ...... practice....


Modern Java EE Design Patterns

Oct 5, 2015 - For 20 years, Java has dominated the non-Microsoft development landscape. .... lock-in. Aging middleware runs into extended support and only a...


Learning from jQuery

Common Design Patterns. 60. The Singleton Pattern. 61. The Factory Pattern. 62. The Iterator Pattern. 63. The Facade Pattern. 64. Summary. 65. A. JavaScript ......